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What could possibly go fast?

Gregzilla returns with a new look to update his world-famous billion-dollar video game review show, Kinda Reviews - now with THREE whole episodes!

Check out Sonic Utopia's main trailer page, download links are over there! Give it a play, it's good stuff!

Thanks to Arron "YaroShien" Pleitner for helpin' out with sound effects!

MUSIC USED: "We Can" - Sonic Heroes "Chrome Gadget" - Sonic 3 "Flying Battery Zone Act 1" - Sonic & Knuckles "Windy Hill Zone 1" - Sonic Lost World "Angel Island Zone Act 1" - Sonic 3 "Honeycomb Highway" - Sonic Lost World "Aquarium Park Act 1" - Sonic Colors "Windmill Isle Day" - Sonic Unleashed "Deadly Six Theme" - Sonic Lost World "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel, dumb Genesis version made by me, using the Genesis soundfont created by The Eight Bit. "Join Us 4 Happy Time" - Sonic Adventure "Silent Forest Zone 1" - Sonic Lost World "Event: Sadness" - Sonic Adventure "Sky Road Zone 1" - Sonic Lost World "Sea Bottom Segue" - Sonic Lost World "Dragon Dance" - Sonic Lost World "Azure Blue World" - Sonic Adventure "Tropical Coast Zone 1" - Sonic Lost World "Collision Chaos Good Future" Sonic CD (JP) "Studiopolis Zone" - Sonic Mania


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I am an animator from the US of A, born and raised on cartoons and video games. I work primarily in Toon Boom Harmony Premium and Clip Studio Paint. I've done work for Game Grumps, Ninja Sex Party, The Completionist, and Eddsworld, and I'm currently working on stories involving my original characters and game reviews. Whatever videos I whip out next, I hope you enjoy my stuff!

Main programs I use are Toon Boom Harmony Premium, Clip Studio Paint, Audacity, and Adobe Premiere.

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