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His TikTok audio went viral and people started to make memes out of him for this reason.

19 Dollar Fortnite Card is a giveaway uploaded by Mrblocku on the social media platform Tik Tok. Mrblocku named the Fortnite Gift Card the 19 Dollar Fortnite Card, when the price was actually $19.99, or $20. He was stopped due to backlash & hate because of the small price.

Mrblocku made another TikTok about trolls saying that they'll get blocked.




$19 fortnite card. Who wants it? (voice crack)

And yes, I'm giving it away.

Remember, share, share, share! (voice crack)

And trolls... DON'T GET BLOCKED!


Bruh... peep this one! Like, really, peep this one!

No... more... Fortnite!

No... more... cards!

No... more... 19 dollar cards!

No... more... trolls!

You get blocked!


  • Skywars/Bedwars player TheBlake made a Minecraft parody of the meme, calling it the 19 Dollar Minecraft Card, on YouTube.
  • Meme YouTuber kracc bacc made 5 videos on this 1. Fard card giveaway 2. No more fard cards 3. Son predicts 4. another card 5. pov you take the card (vr experience
  • The Youtuber Lessons in meme culture also made a video explaining the overall meme.
  • One popular iteration of the meme was created by remixing the audio to the song "Bullet Hell" from the Undertale AU, Sudden Changes.