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A 21st century humor meme.

21st Century Humor is a satirical meme similar to r/arabfunny that was very popular in the year 2020. It’s a reminder of how random and wacky modern memes have become.



Baba boo eee

This meme was created when Twomad maked 10,000$ YLYL and fire submitted this video.


Lots of people tried to make Twomad laugh, and attempted to make their own 21st Century Humor memes.


Sometimes, a thumbnail can be a Rule 34 image zoomed in on a face. In the video, you can sometimes hear a siren blaring paired with FlightReacts screaming. You can also hear a sudden thud paired with a red circle appearing. For scenery, you can expect the Comically Large Spoon meme, along with the Ayo the Pizza Here, Weed Card, and Amogus memes.