Advice Dog is a popular image macro series that that features a picture of the head of a smiling puppy on a multicolored color wheel background split into 6 colors. Usual derivatives are often accompanied by two lines of text written in a guidance / advising format with the advice given usually being very poor, unethical or deplorable.

Since its debut, the series has spawned dozens of spin-offs referred to as Advice Animals of an animal's head on a color wheel background or merely just an animal (including humans) with their own archetype personalities using the same two line image macro formula.


The original blank template originates from a Mario fan-site, The Mushroom Kingdom [1], forum thread titled "Guide to Kissing" [2]. The thread was posted by user Mariko who recalled his his desire to request a role in his school's upcoming play, The Diary of Anne Frank [3], for the sole purpose of playing a role of a boy who is involved in a kiss due to Mariko never having kissed a girl before. In the thread, Mariko asks for recollections, personal experiences and advice.

Among several replies citing each of the poster's poor experience with relationships, user TEM [4], real name; Evan Herrington, posted the first reply of "Just do it, man.". As reply #21, TEM posted the original picture of his dog's, Boba Fett (named after the character from the Star Wars universe [5]), head on the color wheel background (Note: Image link now broken). TEM would confirm in the same thread that he created the image of his dog with reply #26: "I made the picture. That's my dog Boba Fett. After I had made it I said the almost exact same thing as IS.".

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