The African Bellsprouts are a tribe of Bellsprouts that are the true enemies of Ugandan Knuckles.


Bellsprout was one of the many Pokémon from the first Pokémon game, and has went on to win the #1 Peashooter Lookalike award, but, there is More than that.

Ugandan Knuckles, a very annoying meme, were growing plants in Uganda, until the plants took a mind of their own, turning against the Ugandan Knuckles, commencing war.

There are no whereabouts on this day, but rumour has it that African Bellsprouts can be seen roaming VRChat, showing no mercy.


-VRCHAT- We invaded the Knuckles Homeland!

-VRCHAT- We invaded the Knuckles Homeland!

Proof that African Bellsprouts exist

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