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I just got up and walked to the door and I saw it is a clip of a Redhead Boy telling his story of "finding" bigfoot in the episode Bigfoot and the Redhead in the Animal Planet and Discovery show: Finding Bigfoot. The clips plays with the Redhead Boy saying the famous phrase "I just got up and walked to the door and I saw it" followed up with the boy seeing bigfoot, which is usually edited out and turned into another meme. 


What Did He See At The Door?

A video explaining the clip's origins in full detail

And I saw it is a meme that originated from the Animal Planet show, "Finding BigFoot". It involves a young boy looking outside a glass door and pulling a shocked expression at the sight of BigFoot. The clip came from Season 4, Episode 4 of the show titled "BigFoot and the Redhead."

The first mention[]

The first "meme" of the "And I Saw It" meme was a video uploaded to Youtube on March 6, 2013, by user "mgilbert7". The video was 5 minutes long and it was an exaggerated version the boys feelings and expression.


In March 2020, 7 years after the first video, the meme was reborn with shorter videos. The kid would look out of the door to see a character or a person. Sometimes, even other memes like "Tony Stark Screaming" and "Dancing Triangle."


I just got up and walked to the door and i saw it meme (Compilation)