The picture of the alien

Ayy lmao is a meme expression of a picture of a drunk like alien and has been considered as a meme.


It is not clear of were it started but it may of speard through twitter or tumblr . It may have been referenced in a talk between two accounts on the 31st of March 2015.

Spread Edit

By may the 23rd 2013 the image appeared as a reaction comment on a gossip oh no they didn't. On June 8 2014, a Facebook fanon/fan page titled AYY LMAO lauched posting a large number of image macros with the pharse ayy lmao but not the photo of the drunk like alien. That August, youtuber jorin pop [1] posted a video of the photo of the drunk alien seconds later saying ayy lmao. On September the 22nd tumblr user haunted-sugoi uploaded the image with a caption "this is all that matters" three days later the single topic blog ayy lmao alien was created and started reblogging other photos of aliens with the same caption. A second Facebook fan page was made this time using the alien photo as its cover photo. near/around the time a Yahoo! Answers question was answered about the meaning of the phrase. Later that month, a '/r/AyyLmao' subreddit was made.
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