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Bacons noob and guests hair

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Bacon Hair (also known as Pal Hair) is the default character in Roblox once someone creates a new account.


The most popular memes about the Bacon Hair are memes where Roblox users say something completely unsafe for the Roblox platform, normally having to do with death or controversial events. Most likely, these individuals looking like bacon hairs could be alternative accounts trying to troll others with exploits or being pro. People that aren't alternative bacon hairs and dressed as a bacon, but they had robux before (I have no idea why people think robux makes you pro), is called a "Noob Troll". Noob Trolls are people dressing as bacons, making others think he/she is a noob. Once they go up, or play, they are much more smarter and better. Sometimes they're accused of hacking, but it's just trolling and skill, not hacking. Oof

Visual appearance[]

Main feature of Bacon Hair is Pal Hair - is a hair that got called "bacon hair" cause of the texture of item.

Also Bacon Hair got white or gray skin color, basic face (Smile), shirt of Bacons is "Blue and Black Motorcycle" Pants is Dark Green.