Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is a popular internet game made in 2018 by Mystman12. The game was made for a Meta-Game Jam, in which it took 2nd place, and became popular through Lets Players such as PewDiePie and Markiplier. Eventually the game became notable for it's subjectively creative characters and their meme-d quotes, and that's where Teh Meme Wiki comes into play, listing various meme quotes from this game.

Baldi {SPOILERS}Edit

Baldi is the mascot, main-ish character, and most popular character of the game. He's essentially innocent on the outside, but gets extremely aggressive when you don't do activities correctly, chasing you while smacking a ruler in his hand.

Baldi's violent attitude lead to his fandom portraying him as a dangerous and hostile character that's often untrustworthy, and some of his quotes are used a few times in the fandom.

Playtime / Jump-Rope GirlEdit

Playtime (nicknamed "Jump Rope Girl" by fans) is a character that runs around the school looking for someone to play with, and will innocently have you play 5 jumps in jumprope with her, regardless of your situation.

Playtime is notable for her unique voice, art style, and quotes, the most notable quote being "LETS PLAY!". her quotes are decently popular in the fandom, but not to a notably huge degree.

The Principle of the ThingEdit

The Principle of the Thing (Often abbreviated as "TPOTT" or simply "The Principle") is a character also unique for his artstyle, voice (the only normal one in the game), and quotes, with Principle's quotes being some of the most infamous in the game, particularly "No running in the halls", for when the Principle would constantly catch the player running in the halls in the earlier versions of the game.

Gotta SweepEdit

The broom is weird, it sometimes comes of the janitor's closet and speeds randomly down the halls, pushing everything in its way before going back in the closet. It's only catchphrase (and most defining feature, mind) is "GOTTA, SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!" which is decently popular among the community..

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