Beanos is the nickname given to the character known as One from the children's show Numberjacks. The image is usually accompanied by an ear-rape version of this song.

About Numberjacks[edit | edit source]

Numberjacks was a TV show for young ages. It was mainly about numbers who had to save the world from villains.

beanos killed a boy named shush and killled his friend steven and then he sayed be dead beanos was fear for everyone and he killled num2 num3 num4 num5 but he is coming and do not sing his song he is super fast but beanos made shush and his friend a number 5 and 3 now then we cant kill them if you want to know his age he is 17 and shush 16 but groop jupiter has the power to kill beanos and his minios

beanos Has A brohter named john cena please oh shit am gonna sing his and see wat will happen am goonna.......

no beanos spear me.....but beanos has a friend named ricardo milos

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