Behind the Meme- Crash bandicoot WOAH Reupload

Behind the Meme- Crash bandicoot WOAH Reupload

”Hello internet and welcome to behind the meme”

Behind The Meme is a YouTuber who explains Everyone’s Favourite Memes. This makes him one of the most hated YouTube Channels. Haters call him a ‘Normie’ Which feels like he is in one of his videos. People ranted on this guy. He is despised by Dank Meme fans. Hopefully he doesn’t ruin our dank memes. More Controversy Happened when he uploaded a video of the Crash Bandicoot Woah meme. Where he actually killed the meme. People were complaining so much that he deleted it from his channel. Damn.

He does have a clone of himself which is LaxChris(Who overuses the same thumbnails is well)

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