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Bunchie the green llama


The Bunchie is commonly found as an animated GIF avatar in various forums, and is often described as being a phallic-looking llama like creature. Excerpt from UrbanDictionary written by user FL@ME on Aug 12th, 2003: A creature with 4 legs and an elongated neck. Also Capable of attaining high speeds while galloping. Similar in appearance to that of a male phallus.


The Bunchie was created by designer Aaron St. Goddard and animated by Roel Van Mastbergen and is believed to have been popularized when a user named Kelet (possibly named after the Hungarian term for "east") posted the animated GIF as a humordsgasfbduxHCQYFBXYHZANXFVCABNXGous response to a serious thread on the Penny Arcade forums. Because of this, the character became known as a Kelet amongst Penny Arcade users.

Bunchie is also one of a handful of unofficial mascots adopted by users at least as early as 2003.CBXHJN

  • DFX“Oh noes! It is spreading...” Genmay.cCXom 8/12/2003XSX
  • “Chop Bunchie” 8/SXDFFSA/2003


The Guerilla News Network adopted Bunchie as their mascot, and named it Forbes. According to the Wikipedia article, Bunchies have many other names.

In Germany, it is named “Oktolon” and “Hüpfvieh” – which could be translated as “jumping cattle”. In Poland, the most common name used is “Hasacz” (read: Hasatch), which can be translated as “roamer”. In Israel, it is known as "Pin'has" (פנחס, read: Peenkhas).

On the Albino Black Sheep website and forums, Bunchies are referred to as Buttley.


BUNCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL XD

BUNCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL XD

A video of Bunchie the llama.

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