Catch That Man!

Catch That Man* (a.k.a Box Chase) is an animated GIF series featuring a man in a box with a motorcycle helmet, propelling himself forward with his hands in an attempt to escape from a group of Asian men. The series is usually accompanied by a sped-up Europmix version of Japan Break Industries, a corporate anthem made for a Japanese demolition company. Today, there are over 100 spin-offs of CATCH THAT MAN! and it is considered to be one the YTMND Classics.

The ImageEdit

The original YTMND was uploaded by user infernalmeep on January 6th of 2006. While the original GIF animation most likely originated from 2chan circa 2003, YTMND also speculates that the British animation artist Cyriak may have been involved in its creation, marked by its resemblance to the style and sensibilities used in his other works.

The MusicEdit

The unedited version of “Nihon Break Kogyo Co.” was originally composed as a corporate anthem for a Japanese demolition company by one of its employees in early 2001. Two years later, the song skyrocketed to viral successand entered the Oricon’s weekly TOP100 singles chart, after getting picked up by a popular Japanese TV show in late October 2003


To date, the YTMND has more than 100,000 views and has been favorited by YTMND users more than 150 times. It seems that CATCH THAT MAN! was intended to be a LOL, Internet spin-off, as the YTMND is tagged with “lol internet” and the design of the site is much like that of a LOL, Internet site.

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