cathulhu as he appeares on monster galaxy and gaia online

"Rising from the stygian depths beyond the veil of time and space comes pure evil personified. Few beasts evoke such raw and primal terror as the Cathulhu, a Moga of unspeakable carnage. Should you tame such a beast, little will stand in your way."
Cathulhu is a cat version of the cosmic entity LORD CTHULHU from the demented minds of H.P. Lovecraft. It was originally a lolcat picture of a cat covered in black tar, with the caption- "From the depths of R'lyeh, I awaken. CATHULHU". It later appeared as a monster on Monster Galaxy and as an item on gaia.


It is prophesized that one day the stars will align with the Nazca lines and Cathulhu will break free from his seal that binds him, and will be all powerful. Then him, along with Basement Cat, Tacgnol, and Tacnayn, will destroy the world.

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