The "Chonk" meme is a meme that refers to a made up word meaning fat. Chonk is often associated with pictures of fat animals.

Chonk Chart Edit

The Chonk Chart is a meme chart that shows how much "chonk" an animal is. The photo of the chart is an edited picture of an actual weight chart to determine if your pet is healthy. The

16-25%=A fine boi

26-35%=He chonk

36-45%=A heckin' chonker




Abby the Otter Edit

Chonk otter
On December 18, 2019, Monterey Bay Aquarium posted on their Twitter account "Abby is a thicc girl. What an absolute unit. She c h o n k. Look at the size of this lady. OH LAWD SHE COMIN. Another internetism." Later on, Monterey Bay Aquarium deleted the original tweet and later apologized for fat shaming Abby the Otter.
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