The Christian Minecraft Server is a popular saying across the US and beyond. But what does it really mean? From the Know your Meme Wiki. It says:

" Christian servers have long been a part of online gaming communities. For example, the earliest Christian Minecraft server dates back to when the game was launched in Beta on December 20th, 2010. On that day, user Spector17 of created a thread promoting a gaming "clan" called Soldiers of Christ, a community of christian gamers with a dedicated server that would be playing Minecraft. "

The meme was growing more popular in the summer of 2017 when pictures started coming up about the no swearing  rule in the Christian server. Pictures from ripped beings to Homer with murderous intentions of elimination. The meme  then re-includes the 'Minecraft' part of the phrase. To say it easily ( or for example ) it simply states:                                                                             "No swearing in this Christian 'Minecraft' server!!"

  • The angry Homer Simpson
  • The first Christian Minecraft Server!! BEHOLD!!!!!
  • Credits to Know Your Meme for the pics and part of the Info
  • Nope to Swearing

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