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Chuck Norris.

May 12 2004, NBC merged with Vivendi Universal Entertainment. A deal which lead to Conan O’Brien’s popular running gag of the Walker Texas Ranger lever.March 4 2005, the movie “The Pacifier” is released to theatres. The film stars Vin Diesel as a Navy SEAL-turned-babysitter. It was such a ridiculous prospect that there was a discussion on the SomethingAwful forums called “Post Your Vin Diesel Facts”. After looking through a few pages a Mr. Ian Spector (interviewed here decided he’d make a website to hold these facts and people could submit new ones as well. On it’s first day of operation it had received 20,000 hits!The Vin Diesel Fact Generator lost it’s lustre after a while and in the summer of 2005 he asked people to vote on 12 candidates for the next fact generator or they could write in their own. The winner was Chuck Norris, who wasn’t even on the list! The e-mails for Chuck Norris were unbelievable. He won by a landslide, Conan’s WTR lever undeniably helped.Chuck Norris facts are humorous examples about how much of a man Chuck Norris is. They cover everything from his strength, endurance, virility, attitude or anything else that would make him awesome.Chuck Norris himself was flattered by the facts but never took them too seriously. He even wrote a response (check it out here) He said his favorite was “They once tried to carve Chuck Norris’ face into Mount Rushmore, but the granite wasn’t hard enough for his beard” on The Best Sports Show Period.This was all well and good until April, 29 2007 when the episode of Family Guy called “Boys Do Cry” premiered. In one of the gags Chuck Norris facts where mentioned and then the meme was dead to anyone who liked it beforehand.Sadly, this was not the end of Chuck Norris Facts’ misery thanks to the 2008 election. As we all know, politicians and memes don’t mix but Mike Huckabee never saw the Nancy Pelosi video and this happened.Now please, let his meme rest in peace. Oh, what the hell, Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can walk on Jesus. google when you want to find chuck norris you get linked to some thing that you don’t see very much days.

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