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Clark is the 2nd most powerful being on the universe, he has defeated thanos, stole the infinty gunatlet, he is the only thing to have beaten shaggy (the first most powerful being) and his main enemy is "yum soup: meat flavor" and he comes from an awful TV show (cousins for life). he gets his power source from bagpipes and awful jokes.

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Origin of the Meme[edit | edit source]

in November 24 2018, a show called "Cousins for life" started airing on nickelodeon. the show was said to be one of the worst shows on nick, and some even said one of the worst kids live action comedys ever. the show lasted less then a year before never airing or premiering any episodes again. one of the shows main characters is clark, he became a meme due to some quotes he made such as "yum soup" which started the "Yum Soup: Meat Flavor" meme, and "those two lumps are brothers" which also became a meme. he also has fan made movies called "clark the movie" with 3 sequels.

the meme version of him is extremely powerful to even a length where he was the first person in not just existence but also in any other layer, dimension, or Version of reality to Kill Shaggy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like said before, he is the first and only person in not just existence but also in any other layer, dimension, or Version of reality to Kill Shaggy.
  • the parts of the clark memes that are "yum soup: meat flavor" and "those two lumps are brothers" came from the original cousins for life show.
  • he Beat thanos in his first form.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Clark has Multiple Forms. different forms are more powerful then the last form. His final form was so powerful that it even killed shaggy once. Even his first form is extremely powerful, it is known if he will Come back to life after he will die in 2024 while fighting Shaggy and sacrificng his life to defeat shaggy once and for all to save existence as we know it.

1st Super Form: Normal Clark

Normal Clark and his son stuart.

[edit | edit source]

Normal Clark is Clarks First Form that has powers, it is also his Normal form. He still has a lot of powers, and he beat thanos with this form. he also survived the snap.

[edit | edit source]

Clark in his super Form

[edit | edit source]

2nd Super Form: Super Clark[edit | edit source]

Super Clark is Clarks Second Form. Clark has only used this form Once to fight Tucker the Turtle. he has never used it again. it makes his powers twice as strong. it makes his eyes Glow white, he can get this form when playing his bagpipes and/or telling a bad joke.

3rd Super Form: Hyper Clark

Clark getting the infinity Gauntlet

Clarks Mega Form

[edit | edit source]

Hyper Clark is Clarks Third Form, he gets it when wearing the infinty gauntlent, this form is not really a form, but is more of what he is called when using the infinity gauntlet with no other form being used, it gives him all the powers the infinity gauntlet. he has never fought anyone with this form. the one time he used it he accidentally snapped his fingers, which caused one of the inventions that stuart and ivy made in the episode Cloths call to fade away.

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4th Super Form: Mega Clark[edit | edit source]

Mega Clark is Clarks most used form that boosts his power, he first used this form while fighting Lewis's rule book, when he was fighting the book he decided to see what would happen if he used his Super Form And Hyper Form at the Same time. this is how he became Mega Clark, Mega Clark Looks like Super Clark with the infinity Gauntlent, he has 200x the power that normal Clark did, he used it to defeat Lewis's rule book, Tucker the turtle (with some help from Knuckles), and at one point he tryed to defeat shaggy with it.

5th and Final Super Form: HyperNova Omnipotence Clark[edit | edit source]

HyperNova Omnipotence Clark is Clarks Last Form. it is the most Powerful Version of Clark to Exist, Clark got this form while fighting shaggy with his mega clark form, he could not defeat shaggy because shaggy was using 100% of his power to fight clark, so the spirits of all the memes that Shaggy defeated gave mega clark most of their power to help him defeat shaggy, mega clark also used the power of the remade bootleg death star 2.0 to fully achieve this form. As soon as he got this form he flew 570 universes away from his universe in 4 minutes and then tried flying straight into Shaggy. once he crashed into shaggy it caused the most powerful explosion to exist, then this explosion happened, clark used the last of his powers to create a forcefield to trap the explosion inside and make the only thing that the explosion was able to reach was inside the forcefield, the only things inside the forcefield were shaggy, clark, and the explosion, the explosion was so powerful that it erased both clark and shaggy from any form of existence. this form makes clark 54094543x more powerful then mega clark, when he has this form he goes so fast when flying that explosions follow him and clark absorbs their energy, he has so much power that the infinity gauntlet in his hand gets cloned from all the energy, the other infinity gauntlet makes him even more powerful. this version of clark can go faster then sanics strongest form. it is unknown how much power he really has due to him having this form for only less then 6 minutes due to him dying to stop shaggy with this form.

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