"Pshh....Nothing Personnel...Kid."
– Coldsteel’s Catchphrase

Coldsteel is the EDGIEST Sonic OC.


Bio Edit

coldsteel was born with a special power. he was stronger than all his classmates in the sonic fighting academy. he served in the sonic military fighting shadow and the final battel against shadow they were fighting and shadow turned him to the darkness and coldsteel turned against sonic and killed him. he lost apart of his ear in the battle which is why he doesnt have apart of his ear, pls stop PMing me why thats why. also earrings arent gurly fuck you khaoskid663 everyone knos your a fuckin pokemon fagot

likes: hurtin people,bein badass,motorcycles,nine inch nails (the band),killing,death,punk rock,jinco jeans,skulls,darkness,hot girls with big boobys who are sluts,ninne inch nails(on finger),earings,purple (cool kind not the gay kind)

dislikse: niceness,happiness,levis,kevin robinson from school fuck you kevin stop showin everyone my fucking deviantart you peace of shit,trent razner,short nails,khaoskid663(megga ass-faggot),sunshine,life, my dad, football


Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Duel Pistols
  • Spin Dash
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Super Speed
  • Chaos Control
  • The Edgyness

Feats Edit

  • Killed Sonic
  • Was the strongest classmate in the sonic fighting academy
  • Was so powerful, that he was instantly invited to the sonic military
  • Fought Shadow to a draw
  • Defeated Sonichu in under 2 minutes
  • Tosses Metal Sonic around like a ragdoll
  • One Shots Big the Cat and Super Silver at the same time with his edgyness
  • Lifted 300 tons
  • Defeated Sonic.exe using military weapons
  • Survived a Chaos Blast
  • Killed Scratch and Grounder with a pencil
  • Tanked a Space Shuttle that was heading towards him

Videos Edit



The Amazing Video

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