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This meme is about a cat that does not give good advice and lies about helping children. Is possibly Weegee's friend.

"Cool Cat Loves to Boogie Woogie"

Cool Cat Is a furry who appeared in a book Series by Derek Savage, and in 2012 a move was made called Cool Cat And The Hollywood parade which was the first film with Cool Cat. And the movie was then followed by a sequel film called "Cool Cat Stops Bullying" the third movie Called "Cool Cat Finds A Gun."

In 2014 the movies were combined into one move Called "Cool Cat Saves The Kids"

Movie Reviewers Like I hate everything and YMS made reviews hating on the movie.

Throughout the film, Cool Cat gives negative advice, such as opening anonymous texts from strangers, and even once ignores his own advice of looking both ways before crossing the street. Not once does he give a single shred of positive advice.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cool Cat has confessed to being plagued by a reoccurring nightmare of the Teletubbies but without colour.
  • On the Cool Cat Saves the kids box art, it says he is cooler than Barney the Dinosaur.
    • the box art is lying
  • He is friends with Clark
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