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original photo of creepy trollface

Creepy Trollface a.k.a trollge is a creepy version of troll face but youtube see incident to be the troll face become a monster

History[edit | edit source]

With the success of Trollface comes many counterparts of the meme, including Me Gusta and Baby Trollface. Contrary to what some people may believe, Rape Rodent is not a counterpart of Trollface, but rather the precursor to Trollface. One of these counterparts is, of course, Creepy Trollface, which is an example of someone using the classic meme in a horrific way, such as: follow devmonster on scratch

  • Devising a prank that leads to someone's death.
  • Tricking someone into getting murdered.
  • Leading someone to commit suicide because of a joke.

Because of this, Creepy Trollface is a very morbid version of the classic Trollface meme.

Popular Trollge gif (used in many videos with trollge)

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