Y troll-creepy-troll

original photo of creepy trollface

Creepy Trollface is a creepier version of the popular character Trollface. It is an alternate version of Trollface and is probably meant to symbolize somebody being a troll while also being creepy.


With the success of Trollface comes many counterparts of the meme, including Me Gusta and Baby Trollface. Contrary to what some people may believe, Rape Rodent is not a counterpart of Trollface, but rather the precursor to Trollface. One of these counterparts is, of course, Creepy Trollface, which is an example of someone using the classic meme in a horrific way, such as:

  • Devising a prank that leads to someone's death.
  • Tricking someone into getting murdered.
  • Leading someone to commit suicide because of a joke.

Because of this, Creepy Trollface is a very morbid version of the classic Trollface meme

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