DTTSNAM, short for Don't Think That Splaat's Not A Man, is a meme dank across the SpongeBuddy Mania (SBM) network. SBM is a fourm site dedicated all to the spongy TV character SpongeBob SquarePants, with news for the show as well as tributes and new episode notifications.


The meme origined when a YouTube user by the name of "Lolman teh Object Thingy" (a user famous for Klasky Csupo logo effects and tennis rounds) uploaded a video called "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU THINK SPLAAT'S NOT A MAN". It was a short film of Gumball (from TAWOG) calling Splaat not a man, and he got practically scared to death by Splaat. A few months after the video's release, and a new user to SBM by the name of "SpongeBobFan2005" (soon to be "wakyzaky2012") saw the video funny and decided to post a topic with that same video, called "DONT THINK THAT SPLAATS NOT A MAN". It gained critical meme acclaim across the network, and it got tons of comments and quotes and replies, and you can still see it today, but not comment, as a month after the post's release, wakyzaky2012 make the mistake of post-bumping (replying to an old topic) it, and the user "Cha" closed the topic. Currently, though, wakyzaky2012 is making a new topic, called "DONT THINK THAT SPLAATS NOT A MAN 2: Splaat's Revenge".

The Video & The PostEdit

If you want to watch the original YT video, or view the post, or the teaser for the 2nd (with so many DHMIS references), the links are here.



2nd Teaser:

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