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[[Category:Rage Comics]]

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Derpina is an expression associated with stupidity, much like the earlier forms of “duh” and “dur.” In image macros, the subject is typically portrayed with eyes that are pointed to each side and a caption that reads 'DERP'. Derpina's boyfriend is Herp Derp. Because of his reaction might get her use to the tempted problems. she also is popular and appears on on the original website and on the app version. she may be cute to you, but she usually is funny in memes on rage comics and on the memegenerator website. she is also a blonde haired female that has a black bow tie and is wall-eyed as well. she also appears very popular among girls (and several boys) as they thought to appear as anime because despite the fact they think of her with pretty messy hair and big eyes in anime. and that is how most animes are after all.


she possibly had appeared in a rage comic around Feburary 2010. She is known to be an alternative version of the original Herp Derp but even though she is a female that is a little bit smarter, talkative, and funnier than the original male version. her first comic or meme first appeared on 4chan on the pokerstrategy forums around Feburary 9th, 2011. since then, she most likely became popular and her meme most likely appeared in numerous websites like cheezeburger, memegenerator, reddit, and possibly tumblr. by May 2011, there was a reply on yahoo answers saying that a person with an account of (WooHoo) is actually the fake account user who is under the name Herp Derp (or Derpy as one user named wolfy calls him) who has said to woohoo to get derpina back together with him. by November 2011, there was a new blog on Tumblr that has started and the blog had contained memes of derpina on it. since then, derpina still countinues to be popular, and even though by today's standards, most people still make memes of her as seen on several websites encountered like on the original website and the app version. and she also still appears on tumblr as of today.


There has been numerous counterparts of her found on the internet. the first counterpart of her was around before she was created. After all, she was a counterpart as well. since she originally came from Herp Derp, then therefore she would be a female version of him and became supremely popular than what herp derp had. After all, despite the fact that Derpina was made, after her popularity, there has been several other memes of her that had other faces of rage comic characters as her face rather than her original appearance. there also has been several rage comics like Me Gusta, Y U NO, Rage Guy, Everything went better than expected, and even most of the memes that had been put onto her to represent other emotions,  most of the memes also had to put behind Derpina's hair. There
Y derpina

black haired version of derpina

also has been a black haired version of her found on the internet. some people that have seen her may have got tired of the blonde haired version, so instead, there also is a black-haired version of her with a pink bow tie on her head that was made.

There also has been many anime concept arts from Pre-teens and Teenages who actually resemble derpina as anime from popular culture. there are also numerous other anime counterparts of her made by Deviantart users and some from Pixiv. most people in the 2010's who likes anime also thinks of her pretty, cute, funny, adorable and even has nice hair to some people. there also has been other colored haired versions of her that had Brown, Pink, Blue, Green, Red, or any other color. there also has been a japanese-emoticon version of her that has her eyes like this, (^w^). There has been other memes that also been having her face being put on to bodies of glamour models, super models and fashion models. there also has been other memes of her that is anime, but even though some artists try to make her look like anime as it appears in a realistic style rather than a common style in anime. there also has been other memes that has different quotes, and most of the panels from the comics that derpina has been in has mostly changed up her emotions by adding other faces from rage comic characters onto her.


  • Most likely, She is the only female meme that appears as a cartoon.
  • She is also the only female meme that is from rage comics.
  • her eyes seems to appear to be wall-eyed like Me Gusta, Y U NO Guy, LOL Guy, and the Rage Guy
  • when you go on the internet, there is several pictures of derpina that is drawn in an anime style and some of them appears to be the original.
  • most fan-made anime artworks of derpina don't resemble very well to common anime, dozens of them appear to be comic styled rather than the common style of anime. some anime artworks of derpina does appear very well. the reason why the non-anime ones don't appear as they seem to be, is because that the fan-made artworks originated from other countries besides japan, and countries that don't originate from asia lacks the idea of trying to make it appear as they wanted it to be. but some of them has successfully been done very well.
  • most memes of her has different emotions from the other rage comic characters.
  • there has been several cosplays (costume-play (similar to roleplaying american dress-up in plays) of women who roleplay as derpina in real life.
  • there is also two youtube videos found on the youtube website that has one video of a rage comic of derpina, and another one that is actually a documentary about a person who is a cosplay fan of derpina.

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