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Dinoknight and tricerarush is a new Meme

the original scenes is from miniforce super dino power s1 23 the orginal scene is from 20 feb 2020

It's about 2 robots dancing by a teddy bear who controlls the controller and then they dance

also known as reddino and bluebot and dancebots

The memes list

The 1st meme katzoky kick dinoknight and tricera rush miniforce super dino power

The 2nd meme dinoknight and dances to Socialist folk song

The 3rd meme Dinoknight and tricerarush dances to anime music

S is voor dinoknight and tricerarush

5th meme is zavodila be like dinoknight and tricerarush

6th meme is mmmn dinoknight and tricerarush

The 7th meme is dinoknight and tricerarush sing baka mitai

The 8th meme is dinoknight and tricerarush but it's a song about Russia's capital japanese

The 9th meme is dinoknight and tricerarush dances everywhere

  1. The 10th meme is memes#3 dinoknight and tricerarush

there are more memes

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they did also a kind of exercise