Robbie Rotten - Don't let your kids watch it (Green screen 60fps)

Robbie Rotten - Don't let your kids watch it (Green screen 60fps)

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Don't Let Your Kids Watch It (abbreviated to DLYKWI) is a quote from Robbie Rotten during his fourth wall scene on a trailer for a third season of LazyTown. The scene has included in many parody videos on YouTube, ridiculing that the video shown is inappropriate or lewd, or just to show hate toward shows such as Teen Titans GO!

How It Appears Edit

The original video shows up at the beginning of a DLYKWI video. As the DLYKWI is getting ready to begin, the video becomes slightly darker, and then robbie shows up and pulls down a magenta curtain telling the viewers not to watch it.

Original Edit

The video cuts to 1:15 at the LazyTown trailer. Robbie appears hiding the characters by pulling the curtain not to let the kids watch it. But then the curtain automatically pulls back up after robbie finishes speaking, showing the characters.

Trivia Edit

  • The curtain of the original DLYKWI is dark purple, rather than magenta.
  • There is also an original DLYKWI hiding the videos.
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