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Duolingo is a meme that was popular in the year 2019. Most memes feature the Duolingo bird kidnapping or killing people and/or their families after they forget to attend a lesson. Some of the other memes include things like messages saying you didn't do your [insert language] lesson. you know what happens now! then above the message there's another message, but it's like warning, nuclear missle or dangerous messages and it is believed that Duo(the owl) is behind all of this.


Duolingo is a language-learning platform released in 2009 that features both a website & an app. The meme of Duolingo was created when users noticed how incessantly the app would send out notifications if you miss a class. They began making memes where the Duo the Owl would threaten them if they hadn’t used the app in 24 hours. The most memes I've seen are Duo holding a gun.

Duo are was known for pooping on the floor and swearing.


Duolingo first officially recognised the meme on April 1st of 2019, where they released a video for a "Duolingo Push" which would follow you around and remind you of your lessons.


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