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Everything Went Better Than Expected is a rage comic face showing happiness or relief. The appearance is


some eyes that are big circles with a dot in each middle, a big nose, and a smile sticked to the face. Beside the face, it says "Everything Went Better Than Expected". This meme is the reverse counterpart of Rage Guy.


This rage face could have been created in 2008. One of the first appearances of this face was on a eBaum World's Message Board, and this was in a rage comic about several automotive companies. Here is an image from


Everything Went Better Than Expected is a rage comic character wearing a smile that is typically used to show one’s pleasure with the overall outcome of the situation presented in the comic.


One of the earliest appearances of this character in rage comics was in a thread[1] posted on eBaum’s World's message board on November 27th, 2008. The comic illustrated a person’s anger towards American automotive companies GM, Chrysler and Ford during the 2008 automotive industry crisis[2], in which the main character's ill wish against "The Big Three" companies becomes a reality with the CNN's announcement of their bankruptcies.


The first thread to explore "Everything Went Better Than Expected" comics as its main subject topic was posted on the paintball enthusiast forum PbNation[3] on February 19th, 2009. In April, another thread was posted on the Mustang Forums[4], followed by two threads on the BodyBuilding.com forums in May[5] and June.[6]

In November 2009, the rage comic character was mentioned for the first time on Reddit with a self post[10] noting that the character is representative of all optimists.The following month, redditor JoshuaUNT posted an instance of the character that he had drawn (shown below, left) in response to spotting a car with a Rage Guy drawn on the back windshield (shown below, right).

In January 2010, a Facebook fan page[7] for the face was created, earning 44,175 likes as of September 2012. Additional comics have since appeared on Memebase,[12] Reddit[8] and occasionally on Tumblr[9], where the phrase “everything went better than expected” is also used as a tag on text or photo posts without the rage character.

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