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F**k This Sh*t I'm Out is a Youtube song made by the YouTube Channel FunnyFilmsStudio. The song has reached it's highest of 12,829,566 views. The song is a stick figure who then starts with the line F**K This Sh*t I'm Out!.

Fuck This Shit I'm Out

Fuck This Shit I'm Out

The Lyrics:

F**k This Sh*T I'm Out,


F**k This Sh*t I'm Out,

(No Thanks!)

Don't Mind Me,

Imma Just Grab My Stuff And Leave,

'Scuse Me Please!

F**k This Sh*t I'm Out,


F**k This Sh*t I'm Out,

(Alright Then!)

I Don't Know What The F**k Just Happened,

But I Don't Really Care,

Imma Get The F**K Up Outta Of Heeere!

F**k This Sh*t I'm Out!

this meme is mostly used in an awkward situation

example: when you just checked your device and your group chat is having either an argument, or fight

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