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Fap Guy is a Rage Comic character that is barely popular on the internet. it shows that his facial expression is strained with the words capitoned, "Fap, Fap, Fap, Fap" randomly around him. the meme has been indicated that he or she is masturbating towards the person. that means that he trying to thrust his small body part towards the person that he's fapping to. He has appeared numerous times in Rage comics and first appeared in a rage comic titled, "Principal Creepy". since then, this meme has became popular on the internet and also on memegenerator as well. His head is very huge.@#$&


Fap Guy first appeared on a Rage Comic titled, "Principal Creepy" which was submitted by FunnyJunk by a user named KingGawJuss. In the comic, after the principal has told the boys to apologize each other, the boy left and when a girl came to the boy, they bumped into each other, and suddenly, Fap guy appeared out of nowhere and forced them to kiss each other. That indicates that Fap Guy was a stranger trying to make kids kiss each other. so when she left, the boy started to say, "She Touched The" and soon after, Fap Guy Started to regretfully Fap the Person remoreselessly. @#$&

It is unknown how the spread or popularity happened, but the earliest evidence in history is that the Fap Guy first appeared in a rage comic on Feburary 16th, 2010. Since then, Memegenerator has found out about the photo and soon after, Fap Guy somehow