Foxes are omnivorous members of the Canidae family, a lineage of carnivorous mammals that also includes dogs, wolves and jackals. Foxes are found on every continent except Antarctica, with the most common species being the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and its 47 recognized subspecies.

Online History[edit | edit source]

On February 26th, 2008, YouTuber dan izzo uploaded footage of a red fox making a loud screeching noise, which gained over 3.3 million views and 2,400 comments in the next seven years (shown below, left). On November 16th, the /r/foxes subreddit was launched for discussions about the animals. On February 13th, 2010, YouTuber hulibird uploaded video of a tame red fox enthusiastically greeting its owner (shown below, right). Over six years, the video garnered upwards of 4.5 million views and 10,800 comments.

On February 4th, 2011, YouTuber Pontus Jarnemyr posted a video of a red fox licking a window, gathering more than 2.2 million views and 5,800 comments within five years (shown below, left). On August 14th, The Fox Blog was launched on Tumblr. On November 9th, 2013, YouTuber foxalbiazul uploaded footage of a man interacting with his affectionate pet red fox (shown below, right). In the first two years, the video received over 15.4 million views and 26,600 comments. On January 5th, 2014, the Tumblr blog Foxes Only was created, which highlights photographs, illustrations and images of wild foxes.

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