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Gabe The Dog was a cute Miniature American Eskimo/Pomeranian who became popular in memes due to his bark sound, starting in early 2012. His "bork" sound is commonly used in remixes like Undertale,all star,etc and is even used for bleeps to censor swear words. He had been a famous meme animal since then, aside from Grumpy Cat and Doge. Unfortunately on January 20th 2017 Gabe The Dog's official Facebook page posted that Gabe died due to heart complications. The post received thousands of reactions across the globe within an hour, expressing their sadness and condolences..

He will be remembered forever in our hearts and our memes...

Live long and prosper

*After this many people suffered at home for their death and made tributes with songs tried with several but it did not work until on February 19, 2018 in Paraguay, fancro uploaded a video of a cover of Mayores of Becky G with Bad Bunny which helped to revive Gabe on that day, Gabe the dog returns many people were happy and fancro with his owner made a cover of becky GY Bad bunny and then a cover of Movimiento naranja and one of CNCO mamita with the boxer cutie The Legend returns, dirijio to sportive luqueño de paraguay climbed more fashion covers and successfully won, the leyend return old.

Quotes Edit

“It is with condolences that I must tell you Gabe passed away yesterday morning. He had been struggling with his heart for quite some time, and it very suddenly became worse. He went peacefully, being loved with his family with a smile on his face.”

- Gabe The Dog Facebook Page, Jan 2017.


"please cry"
– Gabe the Dog

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CLICK HERE FOR GABE's ORIGINAL VIDEO These Vids do not work anymore dont click on them only if you dont belive me.

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