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Nitori Get Down Geddan Original

Nitori Get Down Geddan Original

Geddan is a meme that spawned from cartridge tilting of the game GoldenEye 007 causing the player models to thrash around spastically. On July 12th, 2007, somebody uploaded a video to Nico Nico Douga that demonstrated that when the cartridge for GoldenEye was partly removed from the console, player models would thrash around in the air. 12 days later, someone put together the Japanese song "Promise" by Kohmi Hirose with the video mentioned earlier. It went viral in Japan and when it found its way to the US, where it gained more popularity. The dance has four compontnts. The first component is to make a pose and then mirror it. The second is to use stop motion of yourself in various different positions. The third is that at certain points in the song do another pose reflected but make it different from the original. The fourth is to do multiple pelvic thrusts in tune with the music.

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