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"...f'noggin gnome! and you've been GNOMED!" -Noggin, the Gnome in the viral video

The Gnome (Noggin, Noggin Gnome, Noggin Clontith, You've been gnomed, etc) is a viral video that gained popularity in a reddit post and later became a popular copypasta that would gain traction over time until it spiked in November of 2018 [1].

Noggin's Creation[]

Noggin was first created in 2005 as a major weapon for use in a campaign to raise funds for a village pond [2]. It was first created by two women in Long Itchington, a place in Waickshire, England.

Angela Winstanley was asked to create a book about Noggin. Afterwards, Steve Cartwright said that he would be interested in providing music for Noggin. Jim Hirons and Dick Armstrong would also join the team.

The website would be published in 2008 [3]. The, "You've been Gnomed video" would be uploaded in 2010, which Steve Cartwright voiced.

Rise in Popularity[]

The first instance of it gaining popularity would be in 2015, in the form of a reddit post in r/DeepInYoutube. It would also become a copypasta.

In 2016, a deep-fried version would also gain popularity in 2018.

Again, it would be uploaded to another subreddit, this time r/youtubehaiku.

It's been used as a bait meme similarly to the Rick Roll, to lure in unsuspecting people that were suspecting other things. It's become a meme about scam generators (e.g. free robux, free v-bucks).

Another version would be uploaded in March 22nd, 2019 that is the same concept as the original gnome video, however it features Noggin slapping his buttcheeks at the viewer (not a joke). It has been marked as age-restricted based on the Community Guidelines.


  • During the peak of Noggin's popularity, Fortnite released a skin titled Grimbles that heavily resembles Noggin.
  • There is an interview with the creator of Noggin.