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Grandma Finds the Internet, also known as Internet Grandma Surprise, is an advice animalimage macro series featuring a photograph of an elderly woman looking at a laptop computer screen with captions expressing shock and bewilderment by what she discovers online. The captions often imply she is a naive Internet user who reacts to famous videos, shock site, ads and spam, in a similar vein to Net Noob and First Day on the Internet Kid.

Origin Edit

The original image comes from a stock photograph titled "Elderly Woman Looking at Computer Screen" taken on December 21st, 2005.[1] On February 4th, 2011, several Redditors posted image macros featuring the stock photo, referring to the advice animal character as "Internet Grandma."[2][3][4] The captions referenced various shock sites and Internet memes, including 2 Girls 1 Cup, circle jerk and lemon party.

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