Grounded Videos are pretty strange videos that lots of people make on YouTube. They are videos made with GoAnimate where they feature a character that someone made or a YouTube User getting grounded for a long period of time. Like other memes like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Dolan, Pokemon, superheroes, and Homestuck there are people who love these videos and there are some that absolutely hate these videos, up to the point that they don't want to be friends with people who make them or like them, though most of
Andrew Gets The Sandlot On VHS While Grounded

Andrew Gets The Sandlot On VHS While Grounded

An example of a Grounded Video

the Grounded Videos are usually used to express opinions.


The grounding series was started by a brain headed chaotic user name mrlegofan404. He is infamous for his child abuse series named "Brain", then later many people started making grounding videos of their own. Some people quit making grounded videos in late 2012, and some continued their series but have put less grounding in their videos. But a late 2012 user "DietColaInc" makes a lame show called The Amazing Adventures of Max and it's canceled with two shows: TV Mayhem (canceled), Jack's Chat Show (mini-series) and make fake accounts in Go!Animate and one canceled show called "Chris" with no episodes, He made an account again called "BookToons" with Dave, but it's gone with five episodes as a mini-series, still making fake accounts a lot on Go!Animate and one canceled movie with fake workers, but he made a random grounded video with Peter and Josh, he makes "Daniel Gets Grounded" on YouTube on early 2013 with a movie "Brian and Eric, supposed to be a series, Daniel Gets Grounded has delayed season 2 a lot, it's now called "The Bad Life of Daniel" only on Go!Animate with new fake workers, one week later, he made a movie called Brian V.S. PC Guy on Johnny Meeks Studios.

Notable GoAnimaters that make Grounded VideosEdit

Memy9909, DrewAndMario, TylerTristar2isback, TheSuperBaxter, Mrbobtomato, Carsonsfanclub, TheSceptileRocker, Memygetsgrounded, Thomascondon02, Guyisbackable, Ninjaboy1able, DietColaInc, DavidtheAnimationGuy, VideoGamerLegit (now Iamvideogamerlegit99 and known as Cokeewert300 on GoAnimate), ChocolateMilkshake808, BrandonTheMovieGuy, RobertCoatsAnimation, Kristin Konkle, TacoComedian (known as Tanya1991Maniac on GoAnimate),MicAnimateEight (currently Simonsanimations) MonsterComedian(Known as Brandon on Youtube)

The TroublemakersEdit

Brian, Zack, Kayla, Eric, Erika, Kevin, Aaron, Dora, Caillou (formerly), Andy Panda, Bill, Diesel, Thomas, other so-called "baby show" characters, Jack, Becky, Kara, Katie, Schemer, Freddie, Kate, Kai, Harold, Andrew, Adriana, Joyce, Jane, Jerry, Max (formerly), Daniel Wyatt, Peter and Josh (randomly), Memy9909, Justin Robinson, Thomas Fargo, Darren, Daniel, David, Warren Cook, Boris The Teeth Guy, GoFag, and other characters who is part of the troublemakers. Babysits, Goes to (Place), Gets Fat at (Restaurant), Throws a Tantrum, Gets Suspended, Gets Expelled, Runs away, Gets Arrested, Gets in Dead Meat, Gets Sent to Bed Early, Watches (TV Show), Kills Barney, Kills Teachers, Kills Teletubbies, Kills Rugrats, Curses At Teacher, Flips Over The Table, Make A Youtube Account, Gets (Favorite Movie/TV Show on DVD) While Grounded, Kills (Baby Show Characters), Gets (Show/Movie) on (VHS/DVD) While Grounded]] are the possible common videos.

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