Here Comes Pac-Man is a video uploaded by hakkor in Luly 6th, 2006, reaching over 900k views.

Summary Edit

Pac-Man offers crack to 2 roomates, but they refuse, letting Pac-Man go high.

Lyrics Edit

Guy 2: Aw shit, here comes Pac-Man. Pcman: Yo yo yo yo yo! What it is motherf*ckers?

Guy 1: Hey Pac-Man, what's up?

Pcman: Me you bitches! I'm high on crack! want to freebase?
Here Comes Pacman-0

Here Comes Pacman-0

The original video in all it's glory.

Guy 1: No Pac-Man, drugs are bad!

Guy 2: Nope can't help you man.

Pcman: Pussies! *smokes crack* WHOOOOA! HOLY SH*T!

(Pac-Man dances to a remix of his Theme Song)


  • Alternate editions of the video were made, which could warrant it's application as a meme, but only as a minor one due to low popularity.
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