Hotel Mario is a game made by Nintendo for the Phillips CDI. The game's story was that Bowser kidnapped Peach and put her in one of Bowser's many hotels. The player than had to traverse the Hotels to kill Goombas and other enemies. Once all the enemies were killed, the player advanced to the next stage. The animations look like the one in the Zelda memes like Morshu

Youtube Poop Edit

During the late 2000's, Youtube Poops of clips from the game were being made. Some of the phrases in the game became part of "Spadinner". Many Hotel Mario Poops are still being made, but are hard to come across now (unless it's Jimmy Davis).

List of all popular phrases Edit

  • "Glad the Princess invited us over for picnic, ay Luigi?" -Mario
  • "Gay Luigi." -Mario (misheard phrase)
  • "Hahahaha." -Bowser
  • "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!" -Luigi
  • "You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!" -Mario
  • "No." -Mario
  • "Remember, when there's smoke, there's fire!" -Mario and Luigi
  • "They pinch back." -Mario
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