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The Illuminati is a secret group that believes in a new world order and its leader and logo is some triangle eye thingy which is what this page is mostly about idk. They are run by a bunch of Devil worshippers, Jews, international bankers and Reptilians.


The Illuminati logo, which is apparently alive, is eternal, but the group was formed in the 1700's by Adam Weishaupt, they were responsible for the French Revolution. In around 2014, memes spread everywhere about the Illuminati, mostly in MLG videos, usually when a triangle appears in anything it is Illuminati Confirmed.


The Illuminati is usually referred in MLG Compilations with a song. This song is the X-Files Theme Song, and has been added to several YouTube videos, including some of Pink Sheep's videos. The Illuminati has also been featured in countless other videos on youtube, and in memes. Including some crappy nazi conspiracies involving Jews and commies.


The Illuminati has many abilities. The triangle thingy has been studying the prophecy for years, so he knows everything about everyone, he can trick you into fighting your friends, warp reality, control minds, and control weather and our money supply. He is omnipotent, but not invulnerable as he was killed by Saneegee, but then he was revived or something and he caused the COVID and also is the reason why frogs are gay. He also uses the vaccines as Bill Gates' chip so it can track humanity.


Illuminati is used when something says something mysterious, and then Illuminati’s theme, from X-Files, plays. An example of this MLG meme is when like a cat already knows he is a cat but he asks if he is a cat. Another example is when triangles appear in a film, television series, video game, or any other sort of media. It is also used in YouTube Poops.