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James Emmerson is one heck of a memester, with classic lines such as 'I'M NOT AUTISTIC' and 'SHIT TEAM' he really set alight the world of memes. James has been popularised through the classic League of Legends copypasta of him playing the game:

James 'MiracleRaider' Emmerson clicks accept to the game and instalocks Corki, his favourite champion.

Niels is going to be so proud of me now!' He fondly stares at the framed picture of the Origen ADC hanging above his laptop, licking his lips with anticipation at the game that was about to unfold.

He loads into the game and starts the typical Dblade and HP pot. After walking to lane, he proceeds to get first blooded before the minions even spawn to Miss Fortune and Taric, the opposing botlane.

FUCK MY SHIT SUPPORT!!' he exclaims, smashing his face on his keyboard. 'NO PEEL WTF SHIT TEAM!!''

James proceeds to die 2 more times to the duo laners, becoming increasingly more frustrated with every death.

I'm going to lose so much LP for this because of my shitty Soraka support,' he types, adding: 'If she picked Amumu instead maybe we could've had a chance'.

James is 0/9, 15 minutes into the game, after getting executed multiple times trying to chase kills. He was getting camped so hard, even the Ryze roamed from mid to kill him.

Please help me, Niels!' he cries, rubbing the framed portrait against his face, sobbing as he realises that Niels would not approve of his performance.

Then, all of a sudden, the enemy Miss Fortune tries to dive him. He autoattacks her, misses every ability as she takes 6 tower shots and dies.

I AM SO GOOD, I SOLO-KILLED MY LANE OPPONENT!' he exclaims with glee, shoving the Niels portrait down his pants. 'NIELS, GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY!''

He proceeds to 1v5 pentakill and end the game, 4 minutes and 20 seconds later, with a final KDA of 6/9.

He cries with joy, dry-humping Niels' face. He was so ecstatic to win his final game of his promotions, and in such an amazing way too.

Checking the LP gains, he realises that it was a beginner bots game the whole time.

Damn I'm fucking good,' he says smugly to himself. 'I outplayed them so hard with my mechanics!''

James Emmerson has taken the meming community by storm and his legacy is continuing and expanding with every day that passes by.

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