Johny Johny Yes Papa was a meme that featured a child, Johny, who is caught by his father when he is eating sugar. Johny's father then proceeds to ask Johny if he has lied about eating sugar.

Originally, it was a nursery rhyme.

The original rhyme goes like this:

PAPA: Johny, Johny!

JOHNY: Yes, Papa!

PAPA: Eating sugar?

JOHNY: No, Papa.

PAPA: Telling lies?

JOHNY: No, Papa.

PAPA: Open your mouth.

JOHNY: Ha ha ha!

This rhyme has spawned many variants.

Internet meme[edit | edit source]

Johny Johny became a meme in August 2018. Various memes have spawned off the "Johny Johny" song including a few where the dad is dancing to varous dances, such as the "Gangam Style".

The lyrics to Johny Johny have been mixed with the melody of another Internet meme, "Baby Shark".

This meme can be very cringey to some people, as it is a year old.

Best Johny Johny Yes Papa Memes[edit | edit source]

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