Kirb is an Alive Kirby Plush that doesn't have Bones, He is Sometimes Called the God of teh Memes, He was Everyones Favorite Memes,le Kirb Kirb kirb

Origin Storyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Edit

There are two parts of the origin story that suddenly collides with each other. First off is the Axolotl boi featured in the meme.

Axolotl Part Edit

On Instagram there was this one person who decided to upload a video of an axolotl yawning, later to be seen singing along with the theme. But before Kirb was gaining traction, this was the closest thing to it with remixes gaining a bit of a following.

Le Kirb Part Edit

This one is not really all that important as the Axolotl part, because as you know from the meme. A tumblr user re-uploaded it from the 1997 64Dream one year interview thing.


On twitter a person named @DitzyFlama uploaded a remix of Flower Garden from Super Mario World 2, or better known as yoshi's islandRobloxooferack (talk) 23:44, March 20, 2019 (UTC) combined with the image and the Axolotl.

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Axolotl with THX Sound Effect

Axolotl with THX Sound Effect

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