Kraków - a not-so-well-known polish meme.

Kraków The Series -1 -REUPLOAD-

Kraków The Series -1 -REUPLOAD-


The meme was made in 2014 by the now globally banned wikia user Wojti2000, portraying the Cracov city as a location full of homosexual people and pedophiles. Wojti came up with it during a chat on polish Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki, to made something that will be used for trolling, creating a original Cracov copypasta, consisting of this:

"Kraków jest pełne gejów więc twa pupcia nie jest bezpieczna! Lajkonik agituje po przedszkolach molestując dzieciaki jakimiś pingwinkami misiami jak to dwóch panów ten teges."

That can be translated to:

"Cracov is full of queers so your booty isn't safe! The Lajkonik is visiting kindergartens molesting kids with penguins and teddy bears, telling how the two guys make out "

Half of the original Cracov chainmail (From "agituje" to "teges") is copy-pasted from a comment about Robert Biedroń, a polish LGBT activist and politician. The whole meme spread on polish FNAF wiki, and later on YouTube (especially Wojti's channel, channels of his fans and followers, or anti-minecraft videos), growing larger and more complex. The meme is very popular on polish FNAF wiki, and as an hermetic injoke between Wojti's fans.

Main Characters of Cracov memeEdit

  • Tigor and Elefanch - FNAF OC's made by a user of polish Creepypasta Wiki, believed by young users of internet to be true.
  • Bartek the oak - the second oldest tree in Poland is portrayed as a villain, using his anthropomorphic, sunglasses-wearing tree minions to kill everybody.
  • Village People and their song YMCA
  • Several Ice Age 4 characters.
  • Karol Kot
  • Civilzation V characters
  • Lajkonik
  • Szymek Minecraft 2005
  • (ba) - one of the default wikia emotes. Due to the meme popularity was deleted from polish FNAF wiki, because Wojti constantly spammed it.
  • Wargorr - a character from polish Wedel chocolate commercials.

Components of a Cracov videoEdit

  • Loud and obnoxious music, such as Hot Wheels: Highway 35 soundtrack or polish songs about Cracov city.
  • Fraction of a second flashes of scat and gay porn.
  • Screamers.
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