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KrrKKrrr is an screamy version of kirby


KrrKKrr appears to be a mouthy version of kirby,he has mouth all over his ball,making a circle of mouth,he has four eyes,2 on his hands and 2 on his legs.

Rde KrrKKrrr[]

rde KrrKkrr only appears on KrrKKrrr`s intro.


Rde KrrKKrrr shows 2 arms from kirby and its mouth is at a middle position.

Bluo KrrKKrrr[]

bluo KrrKKrrr appears on KrrKKrrr`s intro.


Bluo KrrKKrr has 4 stubby arms and 4 mouths and a dark matter-like eye which can only resemble its eye.


KrrKKrrr shown in his intro (Rde and bluo are also there)