Le Internet Medley is a song composed and played by The Gag Quartet. It features various memes, starting with Nyan Cat and ending with Dramtic Chipmunk. According to the title it features over 40 memes.

Memes In OrderEdit

1. Nyan Cat

2. Leekspin

3. Levan Polka

4. Keyboard Cat

5. Trollface

6. Poker Face

7. Me Gusta

8. LOL Guy

9. Rage Guy

10. Forever Alone

11. I'm so glad, because I'm finally coming back home (Trololo)

12. Macaron Chacaron

13. I'm firing my lazer

14. Numa Numa Guy

15. Badger badger badger

16. Peanut butter jelly time

17. Awesome face

18. Pedobear

19. Friday

20. Never gonna Give you up A.K.A Rickroll

21. Chocolate Rain

22. Tac Nayn

23. Dramatic Chipmunk

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