Let It Grow is a meme probably inspired by We Are Number One. The meme began as a song in the Illumination Entertainment film ​The Lorax ​where the villagers of the town sing about wanting a plant to grow as the town currently has no real plants or anything. Then, near the beginning of 2017, YouTube user MrMangoHead (who helped give We Are Number One its popularity) uploaded remixes of the song in a similar fashion to the former. For example, "Let it grow but instead of grow it's die". The meme then became massively popular.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The song is from The Lorax as we all know where the people in Thneedville have terrible air outside where O hare sells air for people to buy and use in their homes. A young boy named Ted wanted to plant a tree because trees produces air for free. Then he knocks the statue of o hares head off. Then a bulldozer hits the wall of thneedville and shows the dead area of where the Truffula Trees used to grow. Then everybody started going on Teds side and start singing “Let it Grow”

The Versions of the meme[edit | edit source]

There are ones like Let it Grow but instead it’s let it Oof (the Roblox death sound)

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