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Mama Luigi is a meme of Luigi from the Super Mario World Show, specifically in the episode aptly named "Mama Luigi".

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The Super Mario World Show episode "Mama Luigi" centers around Luigi narrating a story about how he found Yoshi as a baby, and the phrase "Mama Luigi" is thrown around a couple of times, most notably in the quote "It's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!" which would later become the most recognizable phrase of the meme.


Mama Luigi was spread through Youtube Poops, where he's typically seen as a casual guy, and his Poops often use basic YTP edits, which include Sentence/Word mixing and Stutter Loops. Mama Luigi eventually evolved into a well-acknowledged version of Luigi altogether, being the headcannon representative of Luigi from the Super Mario Super Show Shows, circling back to where he originated from.


  • Mama Luigi was featured in the very first YTP to ever be made, "I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL", which was first uploaded in 2004 to Sheezyart and uploaded to Youtube in 2006, originally titled "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 REMIXED!!!", the Poop uses lots of footage clipping and is generally considered outdated and kinda annoying nowadays.
  • Despite being the same character in the show, Mama Luigi is sometimes shown to be an entirely different character from Luigi altogether, occasionally even confronting the original Luigi face-to-face.
  • Mama Luigi shares many similarities with Gay Luigi from Hotel Mario, what with both of them being western-animated adaptations of regular Luigi, both of them nicknamed after a quote, and even both of them acting slightly different from regular Luigi, though they're both also considered separate characters from each other as well. Another Example is Weegee.
  • One of the characters from the Super Mario Logan youtube series is named after Mama Luigi.

Mama Luigi from the SML series

Plush Version[]

Mama luigi is a sml plush or a meme from mario. well we all know him Mario and mama luigi and luigi!  And the plush verison of it So If you read this You are a true fan of mama luigi. 

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