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Me Gusta is a minimum 4-pane meme from Rage Comics used to display a mildly disturbing and at the same time funny face. The face is mostly used for awkward ways to like something or something perverted.

There are several spin-offs for this meme, like No Me Gusta and Me Gusta Mucho (In English I like_____)

Me Gusta can be translated from Spanish as "i like"

History[edit | edit source]

Meme was posted on 4chan after 2 years from the start of Rage Comics And was a part of them.

Creator of this meme Matt Oswald said "I drew a ugly face known as Me Gusta. I'm sorry, Internet."

Sponge-bob Me Gusta Version

Me Gusta Pikachu Version

Me Gusta and Pringles

"Me Gusta" Smiling Version

"No Me Gusta" Version

"Not Bad" and "Me Gusta" memes compilated

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