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Mega Milk, or Titty Monster as it’s more well know as on 4chan, is a exploitable image of a woman holding her own large breasts with a crazed expression on her face, which is frequently redrawn to resemble other fictional characters. Her face has also been photoshopped onto other characters and objects as well.


The original image comes from the hentai doujin “Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History” by Shiden Akira, originally published in 2007. The “plot” revolves around a brother who insults his sister's small chest, only for her to enact her “revenge” after puberty hits by playfully teasing him with her new endowment, leading to the two of them having sex.

Page 3 of the doujin was spammed on 4chan across multiple boards, most prominently /v/, in an apparent attempt to force a meme with the line “Shut the fuck up you titty monster”. Due to the frequent spammings, interest in the original doujin grew, which led to the discovery of the now memetic pose on page 4.

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