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"Cyberbully channels are cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer!" -Misha's response song to the backlash he was receiving
Misha is a boy living in the Czech Republic that was around 9-10 years old when his song, "I Play Pokemon Go Everyday" blew up. Since then, it blew up to garner 86 million[1] views as of July of 2020. This song would gain attention notably from commentary channels such as LeafyIsHere and Pyrocinical.

Origin Edit

Misha started his channel in the August 27th, 2012.[2] Misha's channel consisted of short skits until his first song, Czech Minecraft Song, blew up in popularity. Several other songs about other games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike were produced, and the Pokemon Go song would be one of them. It is also important to note that the person who is writing the songs isn't actually Misha, but his older brother Oldřich Florian[3], who, on his personal channel, would write music and discuss other things.

Pokemon GO Edit

Picking up on his series of singing songs about video games, in 2016 a game called Pokemon GO blew up. It's a mobile game with high emphasis on walking around to catch Pokemon. When Misha wrote a song about it, a month later, LeafyIsHere would react to it. LeafyIsHere's fanbase has a history of witch-hunting people, so instantly it would receive hate. It would go on to get over 2 million dislikes ranging from people who saw Leafy's videos to people who had it recommended to them randomly.

Response Edit

In response to the hate, Misha and his brother dropped a song called Cyberbully Channels are Cancer that called out commentary channel's habit of commentating on little kids' videos such as Misha's. In the video, he would label LeafyIsHere, Pyrocinical, Ricegum, and Keemstar as profanities. The video was met with even more backlash from notably Pyrocinical, one of the people that Misha was going after.

After that, he would drop the second to last track dedicated to hating on commentary channels with Song for All the Haters, which said that he would be getting girls and called out even more YouTubers.

The last song came about a year after the Pokemon GO incident in which Už jsem tady rok! (which directly translates to, "I've been here a year!") The song is entirely in Czech but can be translated into English via captions. In the description is also the entirety of the song which can also be translated through a translator. The song has notably higher production quality as in the description a lot more people are listed than in his earlier videos which contained only his brother and himself. The song would be uploaded to another channel called Mishovy šílenosti CZ.

Impact and Aftermath Edit

After the events, nothing really came of the Pokemon GO song or Misha. As it goes with a lot of channels that criticize big YouTubers, they get disliked bombed on every video, no matter what. This happened to Oldřich's personal channel, with his song Live for Yourself where he had to disable the like to dislike ratio. This went for the majority of Misha's main channel videos as well.

A remake of the song as a 2020 version also exists, and also has higher production value than the first. It reuses clips of the "I've been here a year!" song.

Trivia Edit

  • Misha is vegan.
  • Misha has a girlfriend.

References Edit

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