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"Moonman, Moonman, can't you see? Sp*cs and n*ggers need to hang from trees, and I just love your
racist ways, I guess that's why their mom is black and you're so great."
– Quote from Moonman - Notorious KKK

Origin and Early History and LGBTQIA+ Allyship[]

Although used as a hate symbol, Moonman is canonically trans (female to male) and gay. He's an icon to the LGBTQIA+, even though used as a hate symbol.

Moonman is an offensive online meme and parody of McDonald's mascot, Mac Tonight, which was used in the

Sexual Idenitty mid-80's to the early-90's as an attempt to attract the new generation at the time to McDonald's. The Moonman Meme was created in 2007 when internet user "Farkle" uploaded an offensive video of Mac Tonight on the internet community YTMND, and many other people started to make their own offensive spin-offs of Mac Tonight. Later in 2007, these people made the connection between the KKK's pointed hats and Mac Tonight's (Moonman's) pointed head. People also used AT&T's TTS (Text-To-Speech) voice option "Mike" to create racist parodies of existing songs, as well as some original tracks, too. In late 2008, the YTMND user "MluMluxMlan" uploaded Moonman - Notorious KKK, a racist parody of a song called "Hypnotize". It became the most well known Moonman "song" very quickly. However, A few other "songs" also became popular, such as Moonman - Whitetopia and Moonman - Crank Dat, both of which advocate Racism, White Supremacy, Anti-Semitism, Neo-Nazism, Terrorism, and Genocide, just like all the others.

Moonman's Spread Across Platforms[]

Eventually, Moonman spread to all the other platforms, including 4chan, 8chan, Soundcloud, and YouTube. In 2015, The Moonman - Whitetopia Album was released, gaining hundreds of thousands of views. YouTube, however, was quick to delete Whitetopia, as well as everything else related to Moonman. However, Whitetopia was re-published on other websites, and it can still be found today, as well as all the other more popular Moonman Albums. The platforms YTMND, and 8chan were all eventually shut down for renovation or other reasons, most likely related to Moonman and other racist memes, but Moonman content still thrives on Soundcloud and VidLii. You can find many new Moonman tracks on these sites, as new as 2019. The "Mike" TTS is still being used for Moonman tracks, despite the fact that AT&T added a patch to try to prevent any more Moonman songs from being created shortly after the creation of Notorious KKK and Crank Dat.


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